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Revolutionizing Triple Net Leasing

Verum, the Latin word for “real” or “truth,” quantifies the subjective aspects that go into the valuation of a triple net lease asset. It is the first net lease valuation tool that allows for an accurate assessment of any net lease property which takes into account the specific and unique criterion of that one asset.

Data Accuracy & Integrity

Founded on the principle that a small miscalculation in the capitalization rate of a property can have a drastic impact on the value of that individual property in its current state as well as into the future.

Precision in Valuation

To properly assess net lease property values, Verum has identified up to 192 different statistically significant variables that go into the valuation of any one net lease property.

Thank Us Now & Later

Value is Gained or Lost in the Margins: Small Miscalculation in Cap Rate Leads to Large Miscalculation in Value

You Called & We Answered

The Industry Needs an Accurate and Efficient Valuation Model: Verum Provides a Reliable Way to Justify the Full Value of Your Net Lease Asset When True Comparable Sales Are Impossible to Find

We Are The Future

Efficiency with the Future in Mind: We are changing how the US commercial real estate market works for the better. We are on a journey, and this is just the beginning.

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Verum strives to empower net lease decision makers like yourself to make educated data driven decisions during your net lease analysis. Our automated online platform will be launched in Summer 2018. Enter your information below to stay updated on our journey.

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